Erik Team
Erik Strobert
Erik's interest in Science began early in life and resulted in a Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of New Mexico. He has a passion for creating solutions to hard problems and he believes the world deserves more from their smartphone's camera.
Will Team
William Waggoner
Executive Vice President
Will is a business veteran touting success in multiple fields including Oil & Gas, Medical Cannabis, and Law. He has brought a no-nonsense approach to PCI's development and helped craft a bold approach for the company's future.
Will Team
Jeff Weaver
Electrical Engineer
Jeff has decades of experience designing market ready circuits for a range of devices, and has operated a successful prototyping service since the early 90’s. He jumped at the opportunity to change the way the world interacts with smartphones.
Will Team
Beau Kujath
Software Engineer
Beau’s love for building things led him to pursue a degree in computer science with a focus in networking from the University of New Mexico. He has years of experience building mobile applications, processing satellite communication data, and testing VPN vulnerabilities.
Will Team
Tyson Craner
Software Engineer
Tyson began pursuing his passion as a computer programmer early on as a teenager, creating a handful of video games and websites. He is now about to finish his Computer Science degree at UNM and joined PCI to develop firmware for custom circuitry.