Erik Team
Erik Strobert
Erik is a two time alumni of the University of New Mexico, graduating with a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering in 2019. He is a former scientist at Sandia National Laboratories and was formally recognized for multiple projects during his time there. He believes that the world deserves a video security solution that doesn’t jeopardize users’ privacy.
Will Team
Tyson Craner
Lead Software Engineer
Tyson began pursuing his passion as a computer programmer early on as a teenager, creating a handful of video games and websites. He is now about to finish his Computer Science degree at UNM and joined PCI to develop firmware for custom circuitry.
Gordon Team
Gordon Sorenson
VP Business Development
Gordon has many years experience in the technology industry and has worked with many start-ups as well as several Fortune 500 companies (Sprint and DISH Network). He has a B.A. from the University of Utah and a Masters of International Management from Thunderbird. His passion for building technology companies combined with his deep experience with global sales, marketing and operations will help PCI to grow into a leading player in the video security space.
Will Team
Jeff Weaver
Lead Electrical Engineer
Jeff has decades of experience designing market ready circuits for a range of devices. He is an expert in IOT devices and has operated a successful prototyping service since the early 90’s. He jumped at the opportunity to redefine the technology standard for video security systems.